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Tree House Edge

Set in the lush redwoods of Sebastopol, this oasis-within-the-forest is vibrant and inviting. Its 2,300-square-foot property includes a detached pool house. Combining the client’s Jamaican ethnic heritage and the roots she is setting in Sonoma County, this pool house blends a client's love for Wine Country’s best offerings: a place to sip homemade wine and relax poolside all year round.  

With views of the redwoods as far as the eye can see, and a lush produce garden on the estate, Aquilo Interiors in conjunction with Andrew Mann Architecture and Upcyled Builders set out to execute a deeply inspired renovation with a refreshed selection of furnishings and finishes that emphasize natural materials. A curated selection of hides, furs, and woods unite the home and the poolhouse in grounded and artistic charm.   

Carmen’s vision for this space was to architect the bar area to be both a focal point as well as a utilitarian area to prep drinks and gather intimately. The client’s love for the natural world and their heritage is reflected in the symbolic items sprinkled throughout. From a hair-comb bench in the entry to Ackee fruit wallpaper in the living room, the client’s residence has become a place fully alive with meaning and calm.

Tree House Edge

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