Aquilo embodies the dreamy, immersive and boundary-defying quality of evocative art.

We provide the magic to transform an undefined space into a home, guided by Aquilo Interiors’ three sacred values: 

1. Soul 2. Precision and 3. Wonder. 


Our work is tailored to you. We partner with artists and exclusive brands to curate one-of-a-kind, bespoke pieces. Our sourcing expertise and VIP relationships save you money and time and we are committed to prioritizing our clients’ visions, cultures and identities. As masters of fusion and layering, we at Aquilo are comfortable working in countless styles to truly breath life into the


Aquilo Interiors ensures precision from the outset of a project to its completion. We believe in rigorous planning and functional design. Beauty and flourishes can never remedy poor execution. We pay attention to the details that count and we are proactive, working to solve problems so you don’t have to. We use visual presentation, triple-check our measurements and rely on transparent dialogue with our clients to guide our work. Our design ethic is present, practical and precise.

We strive to create work that evokes wonder. What sets Aquilo Interiors apart: our elegant harmonies, daring selections and our passion for personalized detail. 

Whether it’s assisting with the restoration of a family heirloom or helping to sculpt the right centerpiece, Aquilo goes thousands and thousands of miles—even across 

continents—in pursuit of design magic!






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I am an Oakland-based interior designer specializing in bold, culturally-rich, curated design. My design style is eclectic, layered and maximalist..


I LIVE for the blend of clean modern lines, playful shapes, bold colors, fun prints and dynamic patterns. I bring those elements together to create a beautiful and unexpected work of art.

I believe interior design is a personal journey where we can bend the rules to chase our wildest dreams. As a classically trained designer in both Architecture (B-Arch) and Fine Art, I love to combine functionality and innovation.  Over the past nine years, I have designed high-end residential homes, kitchens + baths, hotels, restaurants and bars throughout the Bay Area. As a potential client, you can anticipate a personalized experience that will be comfortable, authentic, exciting and just plain fun!

Featured as one of the 20 Changemakers of 2020 by Apartment Therapy!

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